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Favorite Authors Program

photo (19)Have you ever wanted someone else to keep up with your favorite authors and tell you when a new book comes out? It can be a real time sink to track every new release that comes out, but here at Colon Township Library, that’s what we do for a living! So in an effort to keep our patrons more abreast of new author releases, we’ve developed the Favorite Authors Program.

To participate, patrons simply have to come to the library and pick up a brochure. Circle up to 15 authors from the list given in said brochure (or write in your own that are not listed), and we will not only order the books published by those authors, but we will automatically put you on a waiting list to receive them when the arrive! You get all the benefit of reading your favorite authors when they publish new books without any of the hassle of keeping track of release dates.

So get in to CTL today and pick up a brochure. You can find them at the circulation desk. Feel free to take them home and take your time picking out 15 of the best authors you can think of. Bring the brochure back and you’re all set. See you soon!

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