CTL Has New Computers!

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Thanks to a very generous donation from local citizen James D. Edgett through the Branch County Community Foundation, the Colon Township Library has been able to purchase new computers for the library. We purchased eight computers, six for patrons, and 2 for staff, and along with the unveiling of these new machines, we’ve finally made our 2 laptop computers available for use within the library.

So what does this mean?

Well, all our computers are now up to date with the Windows 7 Operating System, along with the usual software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and your browser of choice. The computers will run significantly faster due to them being brand new and not yet loaded down with years of spyware and wear and tear. Should you require any training on how to use any new aspect of the computers, our staff is ready and waiting to assist you.

The laptops are outfitted similarly, and are for use within the library. If you come into the library and our computers are full, you can take a laptop from the circulation desk and use it in designated areas within the library. You will, of course, have to fill out a laptop usage form, which requires valid identification so be sure to bring your driver’s license. Or if you simply prefer to sit in a comfy chair and do your web browsing, the laptops can be used even if other computers are available!

We are very grateful here at Colon Township Library for the constant support we receive from the community, and this is simply one such gesture out of many that we’ve received. We will do our best to make sure this community support is returned and then some!